Free software for Swedish e-id


Unfortunately, FriBID no longer works with the current version of BankID. More info can be found at the forum, and on the wiki you can find technical details.

The latest version is 1.0.4 (changelog).

You use FriBID entirely at your own risk! Please check that your agreement with your bank doesn't require that you use the official software. Usually you will have to accept agreement when you request or renew an e-id.

Source code

The source code is signed with the project's PGP key.

Stable version
Download [Signature]



FriBID doesn't work under Windows or Mac OSX. It is an application for Linux and NetBSD (and possibly other Unix-like systems) only.

Ubuntu package
Maintainer: Samuel Lidén Borell
Build files for Debian package
Maintainer: Samuel Lidén Borell
Note: The pre-built Ubuntu packages work under Debian testing/unstable too.
Fedora package
Maintainer: Henrik Nordström
Arch AUR - Stable version (Development version/GIT)
Maintainer: Jens Staal
ebuild for Gentoo
Maintainer: Edward Tjörnhammar
pkgsrc-wip for NetBSD
Maintainer: OHt
Slackware package
Maintainer: Niklas 'Nille' Åkerström
Foresight Linux
In official repositories
Pkgfile for Crux
Maintainer: Fredrik Rinnestam
Package request and 64 bit package for Mageia
Maintainer: -

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