Free software for Swedish e-id

About FriBID

FriBID is an open source software for the Swedish e-id system called BankID. FriBID also supports processor architectures and Linux/BSD distributions that the official software doesn't support.


The latest version is 1.0.4 (changelog). Please note that Nexus Personal / BankID Säkerhets­program must be uninstalled before you can start using FriBID.



Is FriBID an official BankID client?
No, it's not. You use FriBID at your own risk. But we're working to make it fully compatible with BankID.
Is FriBID compatible with the latest version of BankID?
No, at least not yet. This will require a large "reverse engineering" effort of the new network protocol (see also this thread on the forum). But a few services are still using the old system. On the wiki there's a list of banks and services that still work with FriBID.
My e-id is a smart card, can I use it?
Yes, but a few extra steps are required after the installation, see the wiki (in Swedish, unfortunately).
Is it possible to obtain a new e-id with FriBID?
Yes. Please report problems on the forums or on the fribid-user mailing list!
Will FriBID continue working after BankID's technology shift?
The plan is to adapt FriBID to the new system during 2014, but we can't promise anything.
Is FriBID secure?
You use it entirely at your own risk, but we're doing our best to make it secure of course.
Where/how are the e-id (certificate) files stored by FriBID?
They are stored in PKCS#12 format in a directory called cbt in your home directory. The official software used to store certificate files here too, up to version 4.10.
How can I check that FriBID is working?
You can do that on this test page.
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